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Pistons’ plans for Kemba Walker after blockbuster trade with Knicks

Pistons, Kemba Walker, Cade Cunningham

The first big trade of the 2022 NBA Draft featured one of the most confusing swaps of the year. The Detroit Pistons made out like bandits in the deal, though, grabbing Jalen Duren from the Hornets along with Kemba Walker from the Knicks. For the price of a future first, the team got themselves a good duo in Duren and Jaden Ivey.

Walker will likely not be sticking around to see this Pistons team develop into a contender. The former Hornets star is already negotiating a buyout with the management in a not-so-shocking move. (via Adrian Wojnarowski)

Walker is a multiple-time All-Star and was one of the better point guards of his era. Unlike many of his peers, though, Walker never quite found playoff success. He spent most of his career in Charlotte, where he’d sniff the playoffs once every blue moon. When he was traded to the Celtics, a myriad of injuries kept him from finding his groove.

Pistons fans were likely hoping that Walker sticks around with the team to mentor Cade Cunningham and Ivey. However, considering that Walker is just 32 years old and has a few years left in his prime, it’s not surprising to see him want out of a rebuilding team. He’s likely going to be one of the most sought-after free agents after this draft ends.

As for the Pistons, their future just got a whole lot brighter after this 2022 NBA draft. They were able to snag two prospects that fit perfectly with their first overall pick last year in Cunningham. It’s a long road to success, but Detroit is taking the right steps to get to that place.