The 2023-24 Detroit Pistons are officially the worst team in the history of the NBA, at least if you consider losing streaks as the defining factor for that. After all, they are now the not-so-proud owners of the longest losing streak in league history, breaking their tie with the 2010-11 Cleveland Cavaliers and the 2014-15 Philadelphia 76ers.

Jacque Vaughn and his Brooklyn Nets made sure they are on the right side of history as well. They handed the Pistons their 26th straight loss of the season last Saturday, and as they play their second game in a row, they made sure Detroit won't end their skid against them.

Detroit lost to Brooklyn, 118-112, on Tuesday as the team claims the unwanted record.

Sure enough, NBA fans and the Pistons faithful alike couldn't help but mock and criticize the team for the ugly slump. They have all the talent to be competitive–with Cade Cunningham and Jalen Duren leading their youth movement–and they have one of the highest-paid coaches in the NBA in Monty Williams to steer them in the right direction. Nonetheless, they just couldn't muster a win.

Here are some of the reactions to the Pistons' 27th loss in a row:

It's a sad day for Pistons fans, indeed. Cade Cunningham tried hard and dropped 41 points on top of nine rebounds and seven assists to end the skid, but it just wasn't enough. They were able to keep the game close, but perhaps all the losing they have endured so far has dealt a major blow in their confidence.

Regardless of what's the case, though, the Pistons really need to make a drastic change sooner rather than later if they don't want to keep extending their slide.

It remains to be seen what's next for the Pistons, but it's worth noting that they will play the Boston Celtics next. Yikes!