It sure looks like Jaden Ivey is excited to see Monty Williams in the Detroit Pistons' first team practice for the 2023-24 season.

The Pistons and Williams agreed to a six-year, $78.5 million deal to make the veteran tactician their head coach. Contract and money aside, the move was largely praised by plenty of fans. After all, Williams is the type of coach that Detroit needs given his history in developing a winning culture. Everyone knows how he helped transform the Phoenix Suns into a contender after years of mediocrity for the team.

With him guiding the Pistons' young core, hopes are high that Detroit could develop into legitimate threats in the NBA during his time there.

Clearly, that is also what Ivey is expecting. In a tweet after the Williams hiring was announced, the upcoming second-year guard shared a “writing hand” emoji as if hinting he's ready to take notes and listen to Williams

Jaden Ivey is clearly ready to buy-in to his new coach's plan, and Monty Williams certainly couldn't have asked for anything better than that. As he now tries to take the Pistons out of the bottom of the East, the 51-year-old coach needs all his players to be ready to make changes and play according to his plan.

The Williams hiring has yet to be made official, with the Pistons still finalizing all the details of the contract. It will be interesting to see what changes Williams will do, however, once he officially takes over the franchise and coach their young guns.