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Zaza Pachulia asked his kids to listen to Steve Nash’s advice from Hall of Fame speech

Zaza Pachulia, Warriors

Detroit Pistons center and Georgia Order of Honor recipient Zaza Pachulia is just another admirer of the great Steve Nash, who was enshrined into the Hall of Fame on Friday. And when Pachulia got the chance to hear Nash’s speech in Springfield, he was so inspired by at least one portion of it that he felt it’s best to let his kids hear the important life lesson from the legendary court general himself.

Here’s Steve Nash’s message to kids who are aspiring to be great someday in any endeavor they want to take.

“Find something you love to do, do it every day. Be obsessed — balance can come later. Use your imagination. Put pen to paper. Declare your intentions. Set small goals. Knock them off, set more goals. Gain momentum, build confidence. Grow a deep belief. Outwork people. Play the long game. You don’t have to be the chosen one. The secret is to build the resolve and the spirit to enjoy the plateaus, the times when it doesn’t feel like you’re improving and you’re questioning why you’re doing this. If you’re patient the plateaus will become springboards. Finally, never stop striving; reaching for your goals until you get there.”

Zaza Pachulia may just be a serviceable big man in the NBA at best. He may have longer odds of reaching the Hall of Fame than the Pistons sweeping the Golden State Warriors in the 2019 NBA Finals. But at least, we know that the two-time NBA champion is being a good father.