PlayStation Stars aren’t exactly new – news about Sony introducing a rewards program for PlayStation players has broken out a few months back, but it wasn’t until the latest Sony State of Play that Sony really explained what PlayStation Stars are. In this article, we are aiming to get PlayStation Stars explained in the simplest way possible based on Sony’s own blog post about the loyalty program. What are PlayStation Stars, really, without the bells and whistles of marketing speak? Here’s everything you need to know about the loyalty program.

What Are PlayStation Stars?

PlayStation Stars is a “free to join” loyalty rewards program for the PlayStation community. We say PlayStation community because it’s currently unclear if this program extends to PS4 owners as well as PS5 owners. So far, what we’ve confirmed is that the PlayStation Stars loyalty program will be available for PlayStation, with additional bonuses for PS+ members.

Campaigns – Players will be able to take part in campaigns organized by Sony, some of which are as simple as playing a game. Some campaigns will require other things, of course, like winning tournaments or earning trophies in games, but Sony assures players that there’s be something for everyone – from the casual player to the hardcore, dedicated fan.

Loyalty Points – Sony says that “PlayStation Stars members” will be able to earn loyalty points, mostly by participating in the aforementioned campaigns. These points can then be used to redeem stuff like PSN wallet funds and PlayStation Store products. Meanwhile, PS+ members will automatically earn points for every purchase they make in the digital store.

Digital Collectibles – In what has been a controversial topic for Sony in the past months, players are advertised to be capable of earning “digital collectibles” from the loyalty program. Sony swears that these digital collectibles aren’t NFTs, but they do sound like one. According to Sony, these digital collectibles range from figurines to devices, but the exact nature of these collectibles have yet to be revealed.

Release Date – PlayStation Stars will be launching on different rollout dates, just like how the new PlayStation Plus was rolled out at different dates for different regions. Check out when your region will receive the new PlayStation Stars Loyalty Program below:

  • Asia, including Japan: September 29 (local time)
  • North and South America: October 5 (local time)
  • Europe and Australia: October 13 (local time)

That means we’ll be able to start taking part of Sony’s new loyalty rewards program Wednesday next week here in the United States.