The Pokemon Go Festival of Colors Event is here for all of you Pokemon Go trainers. We have the Pokemon collection challenge in line for the event where trainers need to catch a specific set of Pokemon based on the theme. We also have a set of event-exclusive Field Research tasks to do for some amazing freebies. With the new dancing Alolan Pokemon, Oricorio coming in four different styles, the festivities start.

The event will run from March 15 to 20, 2022. This will also be the first time that every player in each region will enjoy the Festival of Colors event, as it was previously exclusive to India and its nearby areas. Last time, the event only gave out a handful of freebies as well as an event shirt for their avatar before but now, trainers will be able to enjoy it fully.

For the Festival of Colors Collection Challenge, each player needs to catch a specific set of Pokemon given out by the event.

Here is the list of all Pokemon that you need to catch for the event:

  • Slugma – Appears in the Wild
  • Trapinch – Appears in the Wild
  • Drowzee – Appears in the Wild
  • Turtwig – Appears in the Wild
  • Horsea – Appears in the Wild
  • Taillow – Appears in the Wild
  • Gligar – Appears in the Wild
  • Oricorio – Appears in the Wild or given as a Field Research task reward
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After collecting all of these Pokemon, you’ll be rewarded with the following: 20000 XP, 3000 Stardust, and an Oricorio encounter. Your Elite Collector Medal also updates from your current progress.

Pokemon Go Festival of Colors also offers a set of Field Research tasks that gives out small rewards. Here is a list of all the event exclusive Field Research tasks during the Festival of Colors event and the rewards after accomplishing them:

  • Catch 3 Grass type Pokemon – Bulbasaur encounter or 20 Mega Venusaur Energy
  • Catch 3 Fire type Pokemon – Charmander encounter or 20 Mega Charizard Energy
  • Catch 3 Water type Pokemon – Squirtle encounter or 20 Mega Blastoise Energy
  • Catch 5 different Pokemon – Castform (any form) encounter
  • Catch 8 different Pokemon – Burmy (any color) encounter
  • Catch 10 different Pokemon – Oricorio encounter
  • Hatch an Egg – Alolan Grimer encounter

These Field Research tasks are unlockable by tapping each PokeStop during the event. They give you a random task to complete, so you have to keep playing to get all the tasks done afterwards. There is a slight chance of encountering a shiny so you better wish hard for it.

The Festival of Colors event is on March 15 until the 20th of March. Do everything you can in the now global event to gather a lot of freebies and enjoy the festivities