Set to push Pokemon's boundaries, and ushering in Pokemon to “a new era,” Pokemon Legends Arceus‘ Release Date is starting to become a date to remember. This prequel game to Pokemon Diamond and Pokemon Pearl will explore Sinnoh in a wholly different way. Coming out exclusively on the Nintendo Switch, we still have a long time to wait before this game comes out to the Nintendo Switch.

Pokemon Legends Arceus Release Date: January 28, 2022

Pokemon Legends Arceus will become the new talk of the town for Pokemon fans when it releases on January 28, 2022. It's the most unique mainline Pokemon game that we will be having so far. Instead of exploring the urban landscapes that we've grown accustomed to in Pokemon games, Pokemon Legends Arceus will take us back to the old days. Exploring a newly-founded Sinnoh, players will get to experience Sinnoh before it became the region that we know today. With vast undisturbed wild areas, players get to meet Pokemon in their natural habitat.

As the player character, you explore the wildlands of Sinnoh wearing an awesome-looking shinobi-inspired get-up. Pokemon Legends Arceus will let you choose between three starting Pokemon not endemic to Sinnoh. A yet unnamed professor met Cyndaquil, Oshawott, and Rowlett in his travels and brought the three Pokemon to the region.

Unlike in other Pokemon titles, players can now catch Pokemon in the wild without battling them. Players can now sneak up to Pokemon in the wild, throwing Pokeballs at them in real-time. Of course, battling is still a core gameplay element in Pokemon Legends Arceus. Battles happen in 3D turn-based fights just like in the more recent Pokemon titles.

New information on the gameplay also appeared when the official trailer came out, but fans started learning way more about the game when it leaked and streamers started broadcasting the game on Twitch. Thankfully, the leak didn't dampen any of our excitement, as it turns out that the game is a very worthwhile entry into the Pokemon series.