When you start a Pokemon journey yourself in each Pokemon game, you would want to get those nearby Pokemons to be part of your team or just to fill up the Pokedex. It is very common to fill up your entire team once you get Pokeballs to maximize the experience points given by battling Pokemon. Most of the nearby Pokemons in the starting town consist of very common and not that powerful Pokemons that you would just have as fillers. In the case of Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, you can immediately get powerful Unevolved Basic Pokemons after just a few minutes of playing!

Imagine having Dragon type Pokemon immediately added in your team! Here's how to get good early Pokemon in the game to make your team immediately powerful and make your first playthrough against the gym leaders a breeze.

After going to the area of Los Platos, you might want to explore an area that is nearby the City, to catch some of the powerful Pokemons in past generations that would only be caught at the near end of the game. Imagine having some of those even before going to your first gym battle! To get those pseudo legendary Pokemon, head on to the northeast of Los Platos and find a hill and make your way to the highest point. 

Los Platos is found on the bottom left corner of the screen and you may head your way to the marked spot with a flag market on it. You do not need any special vehicles or conditions to go here. All you need to do is walk up to this point to find these amazing Pokemons. In this hill, you will immediately find a Swablu and an Axew wandering around the field. Those two evolve to powerful Pokemons Altaria and Haxorus, being some of the best Pokemons to have in their generation. Not only that, you will also find a Larvitar, if you are on Pokemon Scarlet, and a Bagon, if you are on Pokemon Violet. These 4 amazing Dragon type Pokemon can take you to your first playthrough with ease due to their raw stats and power.

Best Pokemons to find in the Hill spot:

  • Swablu > Evolves to Altaria
  • Axew > Evolves to Haxorus
  • Larvitar (Scarlet) > Evolves to Tyranitar
  • Bagon (Violet) > Evolves to Salamence

You can catch them easily by weakening them like any other Pokemon game, and they will be part of your team in no time. You may now start your Pokemon journey without worrying about being defeated by trainers you will encounter. With Dragons in your team, nothing will faze you in your journey.

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