New Pokémon are officially out with the new Pokémon Scarlet and Violet games being released. This introduced new methods of evolution besides basic leveling up, stone usage, and trading.  In this Pokémon SV Guide, let's talk about how to get Rabsca, the “Dung Beetle” Pokémon.

Who is Rabsca?

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Rabsca, the Dung Beetle Pokémon, is a bug and psychic type that evolves from Rellor.

Its Pokédex entries are:

Scarlet – “The body that supports the ball barely moves. Therefore, it is thought that the true body of this Pokémon is actually inside the ball.”

Violet – “An infant sleeps inside the ball. Rabsca rolls the ball soothingly with its legs to ensure the infant sleeps comfortably.”

Where to catch Rellor?

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Rellor, the base form of Rabsca, is the “Rolling” Pokémon.

Its Pokédex entry on Scarlet states “This Pokémon creates a mud ball by mixing sand and dirt with psychic energy. It treasures its mud ball more than its own life.”

While on the Violet Pokédex shares that “It rolls its mud ball around while the energy it needs for evolution matures. Eventually, the time comes for it to evolve.”

We have been introduced to this Pokémon in the Scarlet and Violet series and can only be found in the Asado Desert. Make sure to bring Pokéballs to catch the one with your Tera type of choice. But of course, you can change this later on if you plan to use Rabsca as part of your main team.

How to get Rabsca?

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You've heard of “Walk with Elias” but this time around, you'll need to “Walk with Rellor”. Rellor evolves into Rabsca after you walk 1,000 steps (approximately around 5 minutes) with the new Let's Go feature. Level up by one through the auto-battle feature or by using a rare candy and Rellow will prompt that it is evolving into a Rabsca.

Rabsca and all other new Pokémon are now available for us to discover and catch in the region of Paldea! Make sure you get a copy of the new game and start your journey in a the new open-world format. Read more Pokémon SV Guides like this How to Get Rabsca on ClutchPoints Gaming! Best of luck, trainers!