Just recently, popular Twitch Streamers Pokimane and xQc co-streamed Fortnite together. Due to the major involvement of stream snipers in their lobby, the Twitch stars nearly received the banhammer. 

In their most recent streams, both Pokimane and xQc decided to play some duos in Fortnite. This resulted in several stream snipers sabotaging the duo’s gameplay which slightly frustrated both streamers. Each match they’d enter, stream snipers just wouldn’t give up on eliminating the star duo. As a result, xQc came up with a brilliantly unique idea to deal with the stream snipers. 

In their next few games, xQc decided to invite streamers to land wherever he and Pokimane were landing. The Queen of Twitch also added a stipulation mentioning that the duo will not shoot anyone unless attacked. To the Twitch Streamers’ surprise, almost the entire lobby landed where they both landed. Of course, unsurprisingly it didn’t take too long before all hell broke loose. However, the match didn’t end there just yet as only a few casualties were committed.

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As the match progressed, xQc and Pokimane with the entire lobby following them, found themselves in the Daily Bugle. This was when the final moments of the match took place. xQc was trying to have some fun by initiating a game wherein players had to slide down from the top of the Daily Bugle’s mountain. Just a few moments later, both Pokimane and xQc were kicked from the match for “teaming”.

Teaming in Fortnite is a banned method wherein enemy players help one another to gain an advantage in the match. Epic instigated this rule to avoid any unfair situations from happening in the battle royale island. Technically speaking, Pokimane and xQc didn’t exactly team up with the stream snipers involved. They were simply having fun with their audience and playing a very wholesome game. However, if they wish to do such actions, Epic will only allow “teaming” in Creative Mode. 

Pokimane and xQc were initially confused about what happened after getting kicked out of the lobby. They immediately assumed they were fully banned from Fortnite. However, that wasn’t the case since they were able to immediately queue for a new game. Getting kicked from the lobby was an appropriate action on Epic’s end to remind players about policies. Luckily, Epic didn’t decide to drop the banhammer on the Twitch Stars given that they weren’t teaming on purpose.