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Gregg Popovich sounds off on Kevin Durant’s comment about Brandon Ingram

Earlier this week, Kevin Durant made some surprising comments about him like “looking in a mirror” when watching this year’s number two pick in the draft, Brandon Ingram.

To some, it may seem like a huge compliment for the greenhorn. However, San Antonio Spurs and USA Select Team head coach Gregg Popovich had a different take on the former MVP’s commentary, per Lakers Nation’s Serena Winters.

Ingram clearly has a bright future ahead of him in the NBA, but the five-time champion coach feels it wouldn’t be right for a very young rookie to be placed in the same category as Durant, a former MVP and four-time season scoring leader.

Kevin Durant may not be implying that the former Duke star is on the same level as him now, but that Ingram may be almost at par to where he was during that age. After all, he may have seen something in the 18-year-old’s game that reminded him of his old self during scrimmages of Team USA vs the Select Team where they were together on the same court.

With comparisons or none at all, one thing is certain, Brandon Ingram’s play next season will be something a lot of people will be taking a close look at.

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