In one of the strangest collaborations ever, Krafton has recently started a PUBG crossover event with a popular children’s song from Pinkfrog. The one and only “Baby Shark“. Yes, you read that correctly.

The announcement was made on May 8th with a cheerful music video,  as various PUBG survivors team up to discover lost treasure down at the bottom of the sea. After escaping danger multiple times on their way to the sea, they manage to find the lost treasure, but instead of gold and riches, they end up finding the Baby Shark, with a waterlogged plate of fried chicken.

Players can participate in the collab event by playing during the event period and earning items such as the Baby Shark Backpack, Helmet, Motorcycle, Smoke Grenade, and more.

Personally speaking, I don’t really understand the logic behind this kind of event, as children’s music video crossing over with a violent shooting game doesn’t seem like the best idea. But apparently, there does seem to be an audience for this kind of event. As far as the public reception for this event, the overall response is very mixed, as some users have stated that the crossover is very cute, while others are just angry and confused as to why this event is happening in the first place.

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Franz Christian Irorita ·

Funny enough, this isn’t the first time that Baby Shark was revealed as a collaboration event for PUBG Mobile, as they held a similar event during the fall of 2021, letting players earn Baby Shark emotes along with Baby Shark outfits that can be permanently unlocked. Regardless of what people’s opinions on the event, the people at Krafton must be serious fans of that Baby Shark music video.

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