Further adjustments are likely to be made by the Las Vegas Raiders in the 2023 offseason. This is especially true considering the number of roster spots still available. Additionally, the Raiders wish to return to the NFL playoffs. They can, of course, do so through the draft. Here we'll look at which rookie prospects the Raiders will draft with each of their picks in the 2023 NFL Draft.

For a while now, the Raiders have had a roster that heavily relies on a few key players. They are in need of cost-effective labor. Luckily for them, they'll have an abundance of that with the upcoming 2023 NFL Draft. Apart from the Houston Texans, Seattle Seahawks, and Detroit Lions, no other team has more overall capital than the Raiders.

In total, the Raiders have 12 picks during the three-day draft. These include four in the top 100, with their highest pick being number 7. Although they have the option to move around, it seems like they will stay put and make a pick for each round. Below, you can see a list of their current picks and our predictions for who would be the best fit to help them compete in the AFC West in 2023.

Let’s look at who the Raiders will choose in the 2023 NFL Draft.

Las Vegas Raiders: 2023 NFL Mock Draft

1st round 7th overall pick: CB Christian Gonzalez

The Raiders should prioritize a defensive player who can make an immediate impact, similar to Sauce Gardner. This is after having made some good moves in NFL free agency to bolster their offense for Josh McDaniels. Remember that they acquired Jimmy Garoppolo as their quarterback. Cornerback Christian Gonzalez is an excellent choice for their 1st round 7th overall pick. He demonstrated exceptional physical abilities at the Combine, confirming his status as the top cornerback in his class. He has an impressive combination of size, length, athleticism, and refined technique.

2nd round 38th overall pick: TE Dalton Kincaid

The Raiders already have Austin Hooper and OJ Howard signed, but they are not the long-term solutions. Dalton Kincaid, on the other hand, has a promising skill set as a pass-catching tight end. He should be the Raiders' 38th overall pick. Kincaid has excellent athleticism, route-running, hands, and ball skills. He has the potential to be a quality No. 2 tight end from the start of his career, and he could develop into a reliable starter by year two or three.

3rd round 70th overall pick: LB Noah Sewell

With the 70th overall pick, the Raiders should consider Noah Sewell. He is a talented linebacker who has been a standout for Oregon football Ducks with several awards and accolades to his name. Sewell is a run-defending linebacker who excels as a downhill box player. He comes from a family with NFL connections as his brother was a first-round pick for the Detroit Lions.

3rd round 100th overall pick: DT Karl Brooks

For their 3rd round 100th overall pick, the Raiders should select Karl Brooks. He is a Bowling Green defensive lineman who demonstrated excellent playmaking skills in his two-year tenure. However, there are some questions about how he will perform against NFL talent after dominating against MAC competition.

4th round 109th overall pick: G Luke Wypler

In the 4th round with the 109th overall pick, the Raiders should choose Luke Wypler. He is a well-polished technician who has the potential to become a starting center in a zone-rushing scheme. His strengths lie in his range and ability to win in space.

5th round 141st overall pick: OT Tyler Steen

For their 141st overall pick, Tyler Steen should be the guy. He is an offensive line prospect with starter-caliber potential. Although his lack of technique makes him susceptible to being beaten by pass rushers with high-level athletic traits. His rapid improvement during his time at Alabama football also showed his potential for further development at the NFL level.

5th round 144th overall pick: QB Aidan O'Connell

Aidan O'Connell is a tough and reliable quarterback who operates well within the structure of his team's offense. He should join Las Vegas at No. 144. However, he is not projected to be a starting quarterback at the NFL level. He could eventually become a long-term backup.

5th round 174th overall pick: EDGE Ali Gaye

Ali Gaye is a large and powerful defensive end who is primarily a run defender. He has limited ability as a pass rusher due to his lack of counter moves and bend. However, he can be a valuable addition to the Raiders' run-stopping unit.

6th round 204th overall pick: S Benny Sapp III

Benny Sapp III is a well-coached defensive back with strong ball production skills and a tendency to be overly physical. He could fight for a spot in the Raiders' secondary in 2023.

6th round 214th overall pick: TE Payne Durham

Payne Durham is a competitive and well-rounded tight end. He excels as a blocker and can also play in the slot. Although he lacks a standout trait, Durham is projected to be a solid No. 2 tight end with a high floor.

7th round 220th overall pick: CB Noah Daniels

Noah Daniels is a lengthy cornerback from TCU football. He should be a solid 220th overall pick. He struggled with injuries throughout his college career. Daniels is a good press-man coverage player with strong speed and explosion.

7th round 231st overall pick: RB Tiyon Evans

Tiyon Evans is a running back who transferred to Louisville after starting his college career at a junior college. He started the season as a significant contributor but was limited by injuries, finishing the year with 525 rushing yards and six touchdowns. Evans should fight for a spot in the Raiders' backfield in 2023.