Bill Belichick and the New England Patriots are an easy target these days. That is the predicament all polarizing dynasties face when excellence is displaced by mediocrity. That aura is removed and they no longer seem untouchable. Las Vegas Raiders star wide receiver Davante Adams subtly, and perhaps unintentionally, got in on this growing pastime when discussing the arrival of new teammate Jakobi Meyers.

“I didn’t see him featured as much as maybe he should have been, based on what I saw when [the Patriots] came here and we practiced against them [last summer],” Adams said, per Case Keefer of the Las Vegas Sun News. “And so far, what I’ve seen from him now, he’s a pro. He’s got a lot of tools on the field, and the way he thinks about the game as a relatively young player is impressive to me, so I’m excited to work alongside him.”

Patriots fans are learning what Raiders fans already knew about the All-Pro. Adams is not afraid to be critical or speak his mind. Meyers totaled 67 receptions for 804 yards and six touchdowns in 13 games last season, but he recorded just two catches for 47 yards in New England's epic collapse vs. Las Vegas last year.

Those are not Pro Bowl numbers by any means, but they are quite impressive when considering the feeble nature of the Pats' passing attack. Davante Adams is asking a lot if he thinks Meyers could produce much more in those circumstances. That is not to say there is not valid criticism to be thrown in the franchise's direction. Adams' general point is cogent. He is just focusing on a smaller issue.

Meyers' utilization is irrelevant when factoring in Belichick's misguided offensive coordinator decisions and quarterback Mac Jones' poor play. There was little chance for any non-superstar receiver to thrive in that situation. Both sides have moved forward, though, and are each hoping for a more successful 2023-24 campaign.

Still, Adams may have just given Belichick and the Patriots a little extra motivation to shut down Jakobi Meyers when they reunite in Vegas this October.