Raiders news: Derek Carr's advantage over Marcus Mariota, revealed
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Derek Carr’s advantage over Marcus Mariota as Raiders starting QB, revealed

Derek Carr, Marcus Mariota, Raiders

The Las Vegas Raiders have been going through some changes this offseason. For starters, they’ve moved out of Oakland and also beefed up their QB spot by signing Marcus Mariota in March to compete with Derek Carr.

However, with Carr being a mainstay for the Raiders’ offensive line since 2014, it seems as though nothing is about to change in their starting lineup. Owner Mark Davis suggested as much, as he gave the 29-year-old QB his vote of confidence.

“You can’t discount the continuity between Derek and [head coach] Jon [Gruden],” the Raiders boss said, per ESPN’s Jeremy Fowler. “The longer they’re together, the more osmosis there is. There’s a legitimacy to all of it. Jon has a trust in him, and [Carr] works hard and he’s very, very smart. I think it’s all positive, but you still have to play the damn game.”

Carr was drafted by the Raiders in 2014 and went on to be the team’s starting playmaker early in his rookie year. He has been impressive for the team so far after being named to the Pro Bowl three times in his six-year career in the NFL.

Although the team had a lackluster season last year, the quarterback still had a great individual season with a total of 4,054 passing yards and 21 passing touchdowns.

Derek Carr and current Raiders head coach Jon Gruden have been working together since 2018 when the latter was signed again by the franchise. And though Gruden has been impressed with the young Marcus Mariota, it does look like consistency and experience will be the ultimate advantage Carr has in securing his starting role.