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Raiders QB Derek Carr to be ‘coached hard’ by Jon Gruden after being ‘too comfortable’ with Todd Downing

Derek Carr, Jon Gruden

Since Jon Gruden was brought on to be the next head coach for the Oakland Raiders, there has been an emphasis on what type of relationship he will cultivate with Pro Bowl quarterback Derek Carr.

This has remained at the forefront over the last few months given that their interactions will play a huge part in determining how successful the franchise can become with their pairing. According to Albert Breer of Sports Illustrated, Gruden is anticipated to take a more aggressive approach with Carr given that he previously did not have a stern relationship with his former coaches.

“There was a feeling that, following the firing of former coordinator Bill Musgrave, he got too comfortable, because he was too close to Musgrave’s replacement, Todd Downing. Let’s just say that Jon Gruden and his staff know that, and it’s already apparent that Carr is going to be coached hard in 2018.”

The key here for Gruden is that he doesn’t want his quarterback to get complacent at any point as that could be a detriment to his play and continued development. Carr is already regarded as being one of the top young quarterbacks in the league, and if he wants to take that next step it will require him to take strides toward finding a stronger level of consistency on the field that helps lead his team to success.

It is well known that Gruden has an oftentimes brash coaching style that tends to push his players a little more in hopes of getting the best out of him. This is a situation that he is stepping into where he has a chance to quickly build a playoff contender behind the play of his star quarterback.

There is certainly a lot at play this upcoming season and the developing relationship between Gruden and Carr will be at the forefront of it all regardless of what transpires.

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