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Raiders coach Jon Gruden is excited about Tyrell Williams’ potential

Jon Gruden, Raiders, Tyrell Williams

As many people know, the Oakland Raiders were able to acquire Antonio Brown from the Pittsburgh Steelers. Along with Brown, the Raiders also signed Tyrell Williams to improve their receiving corps.

Jon Gruden knows people are speaking about Brown but Gruden is excited about Williams’ potential in the offense. Brown dominated headlines by arriving at camp in a hot-air balloon but Gruden hopes Williams doesn’t learn from Brown.

We could talk about how good Brown is all day but Williams is a talented receiver in his own right. Before coming to Oakland, Williams spent four seasons with the Los Angeles Chargers.

With the Chargers, Williams was used as a deep threat in the offense, averaging 16.3 yards per reception in his career. Just three seasons ago, Williams had a season where he had 69 receptions for 1,059 yards and seven touchdowns.

Now, Williams’ skill set should be perfect alongside an All-Pro wideout like Brown. Defenses will focus on Brown while Williams could be running right by the secondary for a touchdown.

What helps Williams is that he is 27-years old and could be used the most he’s ever been used in his career in 2019. After all, with the Chargers, Williams had to play behind guys like Keenan Allen, Mike Williams, and Malcolm Floyd.

Last season, the Raiders didn’t have many weapons for Derek Carr—especially after trading Amari Cooper. In 2018, Oakland ranked 18th in the NFL in passing offense but there’s no doubt they can crack the top-10 in 2019.

As much as it helps to have Antonio Brown, Gruden wants fans to realize just how good Tyrell Williams can be for the Raiders.