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Mark Davis pissed at timing of Jon Gruden email leaks, Raiders want full Washington Football Team investigation report

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With the NFL’s investigation on the Washington Football Team continuing to hit the news cycle, Mark Davis expressed his frustration on the timing of Jon Gruden’s departure from the Las Vegas Raiders. It’s been a roller coaster of a situation that seems to be just getting started.

According to Ari Meirov, Mark Davis is pushing back against the NFL’s investigation on Dan Snyder and the Washington Football Team. In fact, he’s questioning why the process to exploit Jon Gruden took so long, claiming “the league had the emails for months so why did they wait until the season to inform him about them.”

Mark Davis brings up a valid point. The timing of everything has been rather shaky. The reasoning for Gruden’s departure makes sense and is justified. However, everything has stemmed from Washington’s investigation by the NFL. Why did the NFL wait this long to fire the Raiders head coach when the information was available well before the start of the season?

There seems to be more of this story developing, as there is information missing from the investigation on Washington. It’s beginning to feel like the NFL is covering something much larger to protect Dan Snyder and the Washington Football Team. However, there is no evidence of that, and it’s all just speculation for now.

We’ll see what happens, but Mark Davis has every right to be disgruntled by the entire situation. It put his franchise in a tough spot in the middle of the season and could have been detrimental to the team’s success. Luckily the roster has rallied behind their leadership and has continued playing well after Jon Gruden’s departure.

Not only has Davis expressed his disappointment, but he also wants the NFL, “to provide a written report of its findings on its investigation of the culture of the Washington Football Team,” per Adam Schefter.

It’ll be interesting to see how this plays out. So keep a close eye on the situation as more information could surface at any minute. Look for the Raiders to continue their winning streak with all the distractions surrounding the franchise.