Maxx Crosby is taking advantage of the lengthy offseason to get back in shape. The Las Vegas Raiders' defensive star has made the decision to forego the Pro Bowl. Instead, Will Anderson from the Houston Texans will have to take his place. There is an underlying reason for this and it is more than understandable.

The Raiders defensive lineman has gone through two different surgeries in a short span of time. He just had surgery on his right hand which has bothered him for a good part of the season, per Tashan Reed of The Athletic. Moreover, he also had a big confession to make about his health since the team started their season.

Maxx Crosby unveiled that he almost played the Raiders' 17-game 2023 campaign with a broken knee, per MEDspiration. More specifically, he had a severely damaged and dismantled bursae in his left knee. It was apparently a limb-threatening infection but he managed to pull through and got surgery when the season ended.

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Despite these, he still put up huge numbers for the Raiders. Crosby recorded 90 tackles, 23 tackles for loss, and 14.5 sacks along with 31 quarterback hits. All of these were good enough for him to earn Pro Bowl honors. He is also a Defensive Player of the Year candidate which makes his pain and injury management very impressive. Raiders fans would have loved to see him in the Pro Bowl but it was just not his fate this year. Regardless, Texans' Will Anderson seems like a fitting replacement for him.