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NFL will allow Raiders WR Antonio Brown to keep his helmet design if he finds an updated version

Antonio Brown, Raiders

The NFL may have ruled against Antonio Brown in his attempt to wear his old helmet in 2019, but that doesn’t mean that the Oakland Raiders wide receiver won’t get his way. According to reports, the NFL will allow Brown to keep his helmet design if he finds an updated version.

Throughout this whole process, Brown has been fighting to wear the helmet he’s worn since coming into the NFL in 2010—the Schutt Air Advantage. However, Schutt stopped making the Air Advantage model of their helmets in 2011.

Despite them discontinuing the Air Advantage, the NFL will allow Brown to wear the model if he finds one that isn’t over 10 years old—as his current helmet is. After all, Brown can’t return to the field until he selects an NFL-approved helmet.

So far, Brown and his camp haven’t found an Air Advantage helmet that is younger than 10-years old. We’ll continue to see if the All-Pro wideout finds what he is looking for in the near future.

Some people believed that Brown would step away from football if he didn’t get to wear the helmet he’s worn his entire career. News broke out this morning that Brown will make his long-awaited return to the Raiders today.

Aside from the helmet controversy, Brown is also dealing with frostbitten feet after failing to wear the proper footwear in a cryotherapy machine. The Raiders wide receiver has missed practices due to his feet and now the helmet situation.

The search continues for Brown as he decides on a helmet to wear in 2019, but you could become a wealthy person if you own a Schutt Air Advantage helmet that has been made within the past 10 years.