Raiders news: NFL won't allow team to sell Las Vegas apparel until they leave Oakland
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NFL won’t allow Raiders to sell Las Vegas apparel until they leave Oakland


The Oakland Raiders are set to move to Las Vegas by the 2020 NFL season, and according to Darren Rovell of ESPN, their fans are going to have to wait until the move is complete to buy Las Vegas branded gear.

The Raiders already have a lot of fans in Las Vegas, so it seems weird for the NFL to make their fans wait to buy gear that has their cities name on it. The deal to move is already a done deal so it’s not like it might not happen, the move is for sure happening, and the NFL is probably throwing away money missing out on selling gear.

It also makes the scalpers work in Las Vegas all that more valuable. There are going to be people making fake NFL merchandise with the Las Vegas Raiders logo on it and although against¬†copyright there really isn’t much of a way to slow it down.

Instead of the NFL making money off the fans in Las Vegas they are going to lose money with those fans turning to the fake merchandise to get their gear. The fans in Vegas aren’t going to want the gear that says Oakland on it, especially with the team leaving in only a few years.

If the Raiders are thinking about creating a new logo that might make sense because they want to wait a while to release the new logo. Even so, maybe it’s time that the Raiders release the new logo so the NFL can start making more money off the Las Vegas Raiders.