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Oakland Raiders mulling a preseason game in Canada


The Los Angeles Rams will be playing one of their preseason games in Hawaii. Now, we could be seeing the Oakland Raiders playing one in Canada.

According to Ian Rapoport of NFL Network, the idea of the Raiders possibly playing one of their preseason games in Canada is a topic of discussion in Arizona at the NFL owner’s meetings. The Green Bay Packers have been mentioned as a possible opponent.

At the beginning of the offseason, it was unknown where the Raiders were going to play their games in 2019. Since then, Oakland got their lease to stay at the Coliseum extended until they make their move to Las Vegas.

The move to Las Vegas is scheduled to happen in 2020. Regardless, the Raiders could be looking to move one of their preseason games to Canada this upcoming season.

The NFL has shown signs that it wants to expand its fanbase by playing games in Canada before in recent years. That could come to fruition if the idea is approved during the owner’s meetings.

Over the past few seasons, the NFL has begun to play at least one game in London at Wembley Stadium. According to reports, the NFL is scheduled to do four games in the United Kingdom.

Again, the Rams are scheduled to play one of their four preseason games in Hawaii. I imagine the NFL will closely watch how much buzz surrounds these preseason games to see if it can work in the future.

The NFL continues to broaden its horizons to try and make football an international sport. Playing games in different parts of the world could become a regular occurrence or we could see a team be created in these areas.