Raiders video: Antonio Brown's son is already rocking Oakland helmet
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Video: Antonio Brown’s son is already rocking Raiders helmet

Antonio Brown’s son is quickly showing his excitement for his dad’s newest team. Not long after the trade happened, a video of his son wearing an Oakland Raiders helmet was on the internet.

As cute as that is, the Raiders should hope the player they got can fill out the helmet a little better than the younger Brown. If not, they may have just overpaid for a receiver.

Although, Brown has been filling out his helmet better than anyone thought he would coming out of Central Michigan. As a sixth-round pick, all expectations for his career have been shattered.

Brown’s son is not the only one to be excited about the Raiders. Antonio Brown publicly turned down an impending trade to the Buffalo Bills in favor of the Raiders. That means this was Brown’s choice, likely, all long.

Don’t believe it was the Raiders all along? Ask yourself this question: How does his son already have an Oakland Raiders helmet?

The dots are connecting. From the start, Brown was heading to Oakland to play for the Raiders. This might have been in the works since the Pro Bowl and Brown is not hiding it.

Love at first sight, huh? Sounds like some plans were in place form that moment..on tape. This is not really grasping at straws, he is boasting about it on Twitter.

This is the biggest trade in the NFL in recent memory and it is leaving the Steelers in a bad place.

But it seems Brown might have gotten what he wanted all along.