Rams news: Jalen Ramsey calls Todd Gurley a 'monsta'
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Jalen Ramsey calls Todd Gurley a ‘monsta’


The Los Angeles Rams fell short of making the playoffs and will have to spend the postseason watching from home. However, there’s reason to believe that Jalen Ramsey is excited to play 2020 with the Rams after talking about running back Todd Gurley.

The Rams recognized that Gurley is the first player in the team’s history to notch 13 or more touchdowns for three straight seasons. While the Rams were unable to finish the season on top, the fact that he’s putting on consistently good performances for three seasons straight is a wonderful sign for Ramsey.

In fact, he said that Sean McVay and the rest of the coaching staff should allow the offense to go through Gurley.

Gurley indeed played great football this past season. He finished with 857 rushing yards, 12 rushing touchdowns, 207 receiving yards, and two receiving TDs. While these numbers are disappointing in comparison to his incredible 2018 season, it’s undeniable that he’s a key component to the team’s success.

However, the offense isn’t the only thing that wins football games. Gurley also believes that Ramsey is a quality defender and should be tied down by the Rams to a new contract. According to Bleacher Report’s Adam Wells, Gurley believes that Ramsey deserves to get a new contract with the team. He claimed that his teammate’s credentials as a Pro Bowler make him a worthwhile investment.

After recording 33 tackles, one forced fumble, one interception, and four pass deflections after nine games, Ramsey definitely deserves the contract. It’s also no secret that the Rams gave up a lot to get him into the team, so not signing him will be a wrong decision to make.

It’s obvious that the two like playing alongside each other, and it will be interesting to see how they will fare next season with a full training camp under Ramsey’s belt.