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Rams’ John Johnson III says Tom Brady is ‘definitely beatable’

john johnson iii, tom brady

Los Angeles Rams safety John Johnson III isn’t worried about his team’s performance in the Super Bowl, & says Tom Brady is “beatable.”

According to Nick Goss of NBC Sports, Johnson’s confidence stems from his interception in the overtime of the NFC title game that helped his team dominate the New Orleans Saints. And, while he thinks it’s an honor to play against Tom Brady, he doesn’t view him as a football god.

“It’s an honor (to play against Brady), honestly. He’s an all-time great. He’s been to the Super Bowl, what, nine times? He’s beatable, though. We just can’t go in there with a mindset of “oh, it’s Tom Brady,” like, he’s definitely beatable, so we’re gonna go in there and give him a go.”

So, John Johnson III’s statements are rooted, in part, of keeping his team motivated in their plays against a pretty strong team.

However, per the outlet, Johnson is also aware that Brady and the rest of the New England Patriots have looked less immortal, and more vulnerable, than in years past.

This could explain why, in recent times, Julian Edelman has released head-scratching videos portraying the Patriots as the “underdogs” of the Super Bowl, and inviting his “haters” to “bet against them.”

Regardless, John Johnson III and the rest of the Rams will be playing against Tom Brady and the rest of the Patriots on Sunday, February 3. It should be interesting to see whose technique of running a team ultimately proves successful and if the Rams can ultimately make the Patriots fall.