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Rams coach Sean McVay admits he’s stolen plays from Chiefs

Sean McVay, Chiefs, Rams

The Los Angeles Rams have a primetime matchup ahead on Monday night against the Kansas City Chiefs that pits them against another high-octane offense that has taken the league by storm.

This is a meeting against one of the more creative offensive game plans that the league has, which has even led to head coach Sean McVay to take some of those concepts for himself in his own offensive scheme, according to Lindsay Thiry of ESPN.

“I’d be lying if I said we have haven’t stolen some of their stuff this year,” McVay said Thursday. “They do a great job.”

This shouldn’t come as much of a surprise as the Chiefs have been one of the most innovative teams in the league and the usage of those plays to help find more offensive success is something that all teams strive for. At that same token, there are likely plays taken from McVay from other coaches for their respective teams to help use plays that either moves the ball down the field or score. It is a copycat league all the way through, and the usage of plays from teams is a commonality to get an edge on an opponent.

It should be noted that McVay had used a play from Chiefs last year that saw them score a 52-yard touchdown on a pass to running back Todd Gurley running out of the backfield. This had been used from Kansas City’s 2017 season opener win over the New England Patriots that saw running back Kareem Hunt score a touchdown.

That said, there is plenty of buzz toward this upcoming game that pits two of league’s highest-scoring offenses against each other in what could become a shootout. It may become a pivotal game that has playoff implications and possibly first of two matchups this season.