Tom Brady is well into retirement and does not plan to look back. The former New England Patriots and Tampa Bay Buccaneers legend now embarks on a new journey in being a minority franchise owner. Brady may come to miss a lot of things in the NFL which is why he's pursuing an ownership stint with the Las Vegas Raiders. There is one Los Angeles Rams player that is keeping the quarterback from going back — Aaron Donald.

The Rams' defensive tackle can surely scare anyone just by his size of 284 pounds standing at 6-foot-1. His prowess in creating violent sacks also strikes fear in most quarterbacks. Brady had a statement with Sportscenter to confirm the horror of going up against Donald.

“Relieved! I won't have Aaron Donald chase me down trying to knock me out,” Brady said in response to how he feels as the NFL season's kickoff nears.

The career-long Rams player has dominated the playing field well as he enters Year 10. The former Buccaneers QB is justified because Donald totals 11.4 sacks per year. He also averages 54.4 combined tackles for the Rams ever since he started out for them. His 312 solo tackles throughout his career ensure that his size is not just for show and that he puts it to good use.

Even the NFL recognizes Donald's game as he has won AP Defensive Player of the Year thrice in 2017, 2018, and 2020. Tom Brady may be right to stay in retirement as the Rams big man will surely overpower him at age 45.