The Zac Taylor-led Cincinnati Bengals kicked off their organized team activities in hopes of redeeming their loss AFC Championship Game loss. Joe Burrow's squad now has their sights set on a preseason joint practice with the Green Bay Packers. The team, however, cannot say that they are excited about the practice after last year's incident with Aaron Donald and the Los Angeles Rams.

Coach Taylor seems the least ecstatic with the prospect of another single joint practice.

“That's why we're only doing one day,” said the Bengals coach after he was asked about the Rams incident from the previous year, per Jay Morrisson of The Athletic.

No one can blame Taylor after what transpired between his team and the Rams. Aaron Donald swung his helmet before hitting the ground in their practice. Players like La'el Collins and Leonard Floyd also escalated the incident. The Bengals' loss to the Super Bowl-winning Rams was a huge factor in the fight. Zac Taylor's mouth still evidently sours when remembering both incidents.

The difference in their joint practice schedule is that the Bengals and Packers do not share the same bad blood. Green Bay may also use this opportunity to expose their young squad that no longer has Aaron Rodgers at the helm. On the other hand, the Bengals have a chance to use it to springboard themselves for a hot start entering the preseason games.

Whether Zac Taylor likes the prospect of joint practices or not, their experience this year will be much better as there is no bad blood between both teams.