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Best trade all 29 teams can offer the Celtics for Kyrie Irving

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There have been some rumblings around the status of Kyrie Irving that have Boston Celtics fans worried. His decision to put contract extensions on hold makes perfect sense when you look at the figures involved, as Irving outlined himself to the media while promoting his upcoming film Uncle Drew.

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Some see his decision not to sign with the Celtics for the long haul as one that indicates a move out of Boston. The figures are plain and clear; if he were to re-sign now he’d be leaving a possible $80 million on the table compared to if he signs an extension following the conclusion of the 2018-19 season.

There is still a sliver of a chance another team may claim the services of the All-Star point guard, especially with the emergence of Jaylen Brown and Marcus Smart. Let’s take a look at what each of the 29 other teams can offer Boston in a trade, ordered from worst to best.

29. Cleveland Cavaliers

Trade Assets: George Hill, Larry Nance Jr, 2018 first-round pick Collin Sexton

Additional Asset from Celtics: Aron Baynes

Possibility: Impossible

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David Richard/USA TODAY Sports

With LeBron gone, it’s funny to imagine Irving on the team who drafted him.

With Irving and Love, Cleveland would be a good enough team to make the playoffs in the Eastern Conference, but there’s just no way he’s going back.

The Cavs could offer a serviceable package centering around Sexton and some other pieces, but don’t hold your breath Cleveland fans. There’s a higher likelihood of the Cavaliers winning another championship without LeBron (currently 5oo-to-1) than Kyrie going back to Cleveland.

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