Sitting near a locker as he addressed the media on Monday, Toronto Raptors point guard Kyle Lowry was all smiles.

Lowry answered questions like any other day, but this time they all had a specific theme. As he donned a white Philadelphia Eagles hat on his head, he would only take questions related to his hometown football team, which just advanced to the Super Bowl the night before, per Kyle Goon of the Salt Lake Tribune.

In one of the funniest exchanges of the short session, one reporter asked if there would be any city left should the Eagles win the whole thing. Lowry, a native of Philadelphia, responded neatly.

“I doubt it,” Lowry said. “But hey, hopefully they do. I’d rather see a new city built up anyway.”

The media audibly laughed and rightfully so.

Lowry’s Philadelphia fandom is quite fun. He’s shameless about his love for the team, and will clearly be rooting for the Eagles to win the Super Bowl over the New England Patriots on Sunday.

It’s unfortunate that Lowry and other Eagles fans like Karl-Anthony Towns will likely be nowhere near Philadelphia if the Eagles win. The game will not be played in that city. but if the Eagles win, the city will definitely celebrate.

Lowry also apparently named Monday as “Eagles Day,” which is why he would only take questions about the football team. It’s the perfect faux celebration, but he will face a crisis if the Eagles actually beat the Patriots. He’ll need to move Eagles Day.