The Baltimore Ravens are encountering the same problems that they experienced last season: injuries. Last year, the team was absolutely decimated by injuries to most of their starting roster. Midway through the season, Baltimore is already losing offensive weapons left and right with JK Dobbins and Rashod Bateman being injured.

The Ravens have already lost Bateman for the season due to a knee injury he suffered. Thankfully, it seems like they will avoid the same fate with JK Dobbins. Head coach John Harbaugh gave an update on the injured running back after his injury. The coach is optimistic that Dobbins will return to the active roster this season. (via Sports Illustrated)

“I would characterize J.K.'s surgery as a smashing success as far as you can tell right now,” Harbaugh said. “So, he came out of it; he has no additional scar tissue since he has come out of there. That was a key thing in the first couple of days; does scar tissue start to accumulate? It did not. They got almost all of it out, and it was significant.”

The return of JK Dobbins to the roster immediately gave a big boost to the Ravens roster. His elite running ability allowed the Ravens to open up more opportunities for the rest of the offense. Unfortunately, Baltimore will be without the running back for at least a few weeks.

The Ravens now have to figure out their next plans without Dobbins and Bateman. Who will step up for the team in this trying time?