Ravens news: Baltimore hits first half low for yards in team's playoff history
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Ravens record lowest first half total yards in franchise playoff history

John Harbaugh, Ravens

The Baltimore Ravens struggled to find any offense in the first half against the Los Angeles Chargers in Sunday’s playoff game, which led to a franchise low for total yards of offense.

Lamar Jackson and company simply couldn’t find a rhythm early on, and that allowed the Chargers to enter halftime with a 12-0 lead.

Of course, it also allowed the Ravens to earn a not-so-good record by earning just 69 offensive yards, which set a new franchise record for fewest yards in the first half in a playoff matchup.

This probably wasn’t the type of performance that Baltimore fans wanted to see out of Jackson, especially after he played so well down the stretch in helping the team make the playoffs.

However, now he’s going to need to find some momentum in a hurry if the Ravens want to make a comeback and move on to the AFC Divisional Round next week.

Of course, there is the possibility that John Harbaugh could turn to Joe Flacco in order to potentially give this team a spark. But with Jackson’s dual-threat ability, the Ravens may decide to keep him under center.

With Baltimore winning the previous matchup between the two teams a few weeks ago, it’s certainly been a little surprising to see the struggles on display.

If Jackson and the rest of the offense can’t put together sustainable drives, it may allow the Chargers to extend the lead even further with Philip Rivers running the show on offense.