Ravens news: Baltimore releases safety Tony Jefferson
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Baltimore Ravens release safety Tony Jefferson

Tony Jefferson, Ravens

The offseason is in full-swing as we begin to see teams cutting players. That includes the Baltimore Ravens.

Despite going 14-2 in the 2019 regular season, Baltimore found themselves out of the playoffs early, losing in their first matchup (against the Tennessee Titans). Clearly, they feel some changes need to be made if they want to hoist the Lombardi Trophy soon.

With that in mind, cuts are being made. And safety Tony Jefferson is one of the casualties of release.

Jefferson was brought in three years ago and has started for Baltimore since then. However, he appeared in just five games in 2019 due to injury.

The safety had a good three-year run with the Ravens. But you could argue he never really captured that same magic he had in his last few seasons with the Arizona Cardinals.

That, coupled with the massive cap hit that Baltimore is saving, is likely the justification for this move.

With $12 million now freed up, the Ravens can go into free agency with some extra spending money. What they decide to do with that money is unknown as of right now, obviously. The possibilities are endless though.

Losing Jefferson will hurt, but they have the money and resources to replace him. Baltimore certainly has a lot of positives to build off of, but have work to do if they want to be Super Bowl champions as well.

It’s never a fun part of the season, but cuts are necessary and could end up benefitting both sides. Baltimore now has more money to spend, and Jefferson can move on to a new team, and potentially thrive there. Hopefully this is a move that works out for everyone involved.