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Ravens sign Sammy Watkins to 1-year, $6M deal, give Lamar Jackson help

Ravens, Sammy Watkins

The Baltimore Ravens, whose offense faltered against the Buffalo Bills in last season’s playoffs, know they need more from their passing game. They acted to meet that need on Friday by signing wide receiver Sammy Watkins to a one-year, $6 million deal.

Lamar Jackson just got a prime target.

The Ravens have to continue to fortify their passing attack. Their running game has been impressive, but football is a pass-first sport in the 21st century. The Tampa Bay Buccaneers had a solid running game, but their passing attack–with Tom Brady slinging the rock and an excellent group of receivers catching the ball–gave their offense the heft they needed to win the Super Bowl.

Sammy Watkins won a Super Bowl with the Kansas City Chiefs. The Ravens not only improved their own roster with this move, but they also took a bite out of the Chiefs and reshape the balance of power in the AFC.

Watkins, while quiet over the past three years, is fresh off a stint as one of the Chiefs’ key offensive cogs. For Jackson, there couldn’t have been a cheaper and better signing than Watkins.

The comparable talents to Watkins are potentially more dynamic, but each come with their own concerns. T.Y. Hilton is injury riddled, while Antonio Brown is both an older perimeter talent and a potential locker room distraction. The Ravens don’t need primary threats, especially if they have true faith in the development and growth of AB’s younger cousin Hollywood Brown.

All of a sudden, Baltimore’s passing attack, which looked a little paltry just a year ago, is dangerous once again.