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Ravens’ Greg Roman reacts to Andrew Luck’s retirement

Greg Roman, Andrew Luck, Ravens, Colts

The landscape of the NFL was morphed, twisted, and shocked by the retirement of Indianapolis Colts quarterback Andrew Luck on Saturday night. Players, executives, and coaches all across the league are in astonishment of the news and wish him the best; including Baltimore Ravens offensive coordinator Greg Roman.

Roman said on Sunday, per the Ravens official website: “I had the opportunity to work with Andrew Luck at Stanford University and it was a great experience working with him. Obviously, he’s a very talented football player, but he’s a very talented human being as well. I was slightly shocked.

I sent him a text, and I’m sure I’ll talk to him here in the near future. Andrew, I can’t speak enough for his character and the kind of person he is. He’s a special person and I wish he and his family nothing but the best.”

Roman is a coach for one of Luck’s former foes. But, before the two entered the NFL, the Ravens offensive coordinator was a coach at Luck’s alma mater Stanford. While Luck threw the passes, Roman was an offensive tackles and tight ends coach; ensuring that he’d be protected while facing PAC-12 competition.

Roman also coaches Robert Griffin III. Back in the 2012 NFL Draft, Luck and Griffin went No. 1 and 2, respectively. Both are also from Texas. In response to Luck’s retirement, Griffin said:

“Much love to my fellow Texas brother. Stiil remember our time together as Heisman finalists and how we laughed about almost being teammates at Stanford. The decision was only yours to make and I’m glad you have found peace in it. Respect”

The Colts are a different team without Luck. The NFL is a different league without him too.