Ravens news: John Harbaugh reacts to Lamar Jackson's spectacular run vs. Texans
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Ravens coach John Harbaugh reacts to Lamar Jackson’s spectacular run vs. Texans

John Harbaugh, Lamar Jackson, Ravens

In a game where the Baltimore Ravens dominated the Houston Texans, Lamar Jackson had yet another highlight-reel run.

When the 41-7 shellacking concluded, John Harbaugh reacted to Jackson’s spectacular run against the Texans:

On Sunday, Jackson was able to escape defenders who seemed to have him contained in the backfield. After maneuvering his way past these defenders, Jackson was able to accelerate up the field and gain 39 yards on the ground:

For most quarterbacks, that play would’ve been arguably their best run of the season or their career. But for Jackson, he had an even better rushing play just last week against the Cincinnati Bengals.

Last Sunday, the electric quarterback was able to go for a 47-yard scamper that resulted in a touchdown. During the run, Jackson performed a spin move that caused a defender to miss the tackle:

Jackson finished the victory over the Texans with 222 passing yards, four touchdowns, and 86 rushing yards. It was another outing that definitely puts Jackson into consideration for NFL MVP.

Now, after Baltimore’s Week 11 victory, Jackson has totaled 2,258 passing yards, 19 passing touchdowns, and five interceptions. In addition, the Louisville product has gashed opposing defenses for 788 rushing yards and six touchdowns with his legs.

Every single week Jackson takes the field, he seems to be making another video-game-like play that makes you want to play Madden and recreate it. It’s nice to see that Harbaugh has the same reaction as us fans when watching his quarterback dart down the field on a run.