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Ravens coach John Harbaugh still keeps profound two-word message from Andy Reid

John Harbaugh, Ravens, Chiefs, Andy Reid

Baltimore Ravens head coach John Harbaugh faces off this weekend against Andy Reid and the  Kansas City Chiefs. Back when Reid was the head coach of the Philadelphia Eagles, Harbaugh was the teams’ special-teams and learned a lot from Reid in his time in Philadelphia.

Harbaugh stated two words Reid had on a notecard behind his desk that stuck out to him to this day: “Don’t Judge.” According to ESPN staff writer Jameson Hensley, Harbaugh spoke on the two words that have stuck with him to this day.

“You don’t bring all your stuff into the thing,” Harbaugh said. “Take people for who they are and for where they’re at in their life — as football players, as coaches, whatever –- and let them be who they are. Help them along the way where you can. Give them good advice.”

Harbaugh supposedly had never asked Reid about the notecard because to him the message was self-explanatory and he always interpreted the message clearly in his own way. Harbaugh holds Reid to a very high standard years after sharing the same side of the field.

The Chiefs have a top three offense, and the same can be said about the Ravens always elite defense. Another headline is rookie Lamar Jackson facing off against MVP candidate Patrick Mahomes in what’s sure to be a high scoring contest. This matchup will bring Reid and Harbaugh together again as well after spending eight years together during their time in Philadelphia. The two spent 1999-2007 together, but it’s clear the mutual respect has never lost its touch.