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Ravens’ Lamar Jackson claps back at criticism for playing at kids camp

Lamar Jackson, Ravens

Baltimore Ravens star Lamar Jackson had the perfect response for all the haters out there who think they know more than him in terms of how he should spend his summer. The former MVP drew heavy criticism as of late after he was seen having a grand time with some kids with the 2021 NFL season coming up and his contract negotiations with the Ravens still up in the air.

Jackson though wasn’t having any of it. Instead of apologizing or simply staying silent amid all the unfair condemnation regarding his youth camp called ‘Fun Day with LJ‘, the 26-year old clapped back and decided to double down on his attempt to reach out and connect with the youth.

“It’s better to have them kids out there having fun than playing with guns and sh-t,” Jackson tweeted. “So next year, we running it back with even more fun.”

‘Fun Day with LJ’ was super wholesome. Jackson spent a few days with a ton of local kids in his hometown of South Florida to spend some quality time with his fans. He did end up smoking them one by one (via Ravens):

He even showed some kids his patented running route (via Overtime):

I mean seriously, how can you hate on LJ?


The Ravens signal-caller has always been one to connect with the community, especially the kids. And, him being attacked for simply reaching out to the youth is clearly unnecessary and just plain weird. Some people are just mad bored, I guess.