Ravens news: Lamar Jackson gets massive new tattoo before quarantine
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Ravens star Lamar Jackson gets massive new tattoo before coronavirus quarantine

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Before the coronavirus forced the U.S. government to impose self-isolation and quarantine, Baltimore Ravens quarterback Lamar Jackson got a massive new tattoo filled with important details of his life.

On Instagram, the tattoo artist who inked Jackson shared the story behind the tattoo which he described as a “monster piece.”

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Right before this quarantine I got the chance to link with the young south Florida legend himself @new_era8 mr MVP to get started on creating a monster piece we got a lot more in store for his story when it comes to the ink but we had to start it off with FAITH FAMILY AND FOOTBALL before anything else meeting this young man was definitely refreshing cause I can only name a handful of authentic ppl in the sports world and I’m happy most of my clients have been them like I said this piece was just the start and once this quarantine is over we getting right back in the lab but here’s your sneak peak #documentary coming soon but honestly I can see why jit might really be the new face of the nfl keep it up my boi 💪🏾 #nfl #explore #freehand #truss #truzz #zshit #bigz #954 #305 #561 #soflo #newera #coveruptheworldtour

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Jackson himself hasn’t discussed the tattoos. But at first look, it’s evident that his priorities in life are his family, his faith and his sport. The Ravens star’s chest is mostly covered in what looks like raven feathers. A white dove is also present on his right shoulder, which may carry religious undertones.

Underneath “Family” is a big football located at the dead center of his chest. “Felicia” is Jackson’s mother’s name. She did not just push the quarterback to follow his football dreams, as she is also her manager and agent.

Meanwhile, the word “Truzz” — which is originally spelled as “Truss” and derived from “Big Truss” — has an array of meanings. Some say that it means having complete trust in someone. Others say that only Jackson knows what it means since it originated in South Florida, which is the hometown of the Ravens QB and 2019 NFL MVP.

Meanwhile, some say that it doesn’t need to be defined because it’s a movement.

When previously asked to define the word and share what it means, Jackson said that he can’t really explain it.

“I really can’t explain it,” Lamar Jackson said, per BaltimoreRavens.com. “It’s just like, ‘I’m agreeing with you.’ Truss, except with a ‘t’ at the end, it’s an ‘s.’ Like ‘Truss. I’m with you.'”

Whatever “Truzz” means, it definitely has great significance to the pass-caller. If not, then he wouldn’t have dared to place it permanently on his body, wrapped around the football.