Ravens news: Lamar Jackson's first-half stats vs. Rams are unprecedented
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Lamar Jackson’s first-half stats for Ravens vs. Rams are unprecedented

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Everyone watching the Baltimore Ravens crushing the Los Angeles Rams know this is not just any other blowout. The way Lamar Jackson has been playing is convincing many people to back him up as this season’s MVP.

Pro Football Talk’s Michael David Smith supports the Lamar Jackson hype train as he shared an important statistic about his performance against the Los Angeles Rams.

There have only been a few quarterbacks who have abilities that touch on Jackson’s levels. The accuracy of his passes makes opponents careful about leaving wideouts open. If they rush him, he has the ability to escape with his blitzing speed. His ability to confuse NFL defenses with his plays makes him such a difficult quarterback to game plan against.

However, it’s not only his skills that helped him become the MVP favorite that he is now. His approach to the game also has a big influence on his stature in the NFL landscape.

Running back Mark Ingram had this to say about his quarterback when the Baltimore Ravens asked him about Jackson:

“I just think it’s his mindset, his attitude, his focus. You can have the tools and the abilities, but if you don’t have the proper mindset, it’s really not worth anything. I just think his dedication, his mindset, his competitive nature, that’s what separates him.”

The qualities the veteran running back gave to the Louisville product isn’t something you hear being said about a second-year player that often. However, he’s proven doubters wrong with his play. And his leadership is what’s helping the Ravens beat the Rams by such a convincing margin.