A new conversation takes the NFL by storm as a new documentary aimed to reveal what went wrong during Aaron Hernandez's once-promising career. However, Baltimore Ravens cornerback Marlon Humphrey made his stance clear on the entire issue.

The corner took to Twitter in response to the documentary, which partially uses CTE as one of the main contributing factors to Hernandez's violent off-court tendencies. While he recognizes that the disease is not something that must be taken lightly, the Ravens corner refuses to let the disease be a Get Out Of Jail card for every wrong action a player makes on or off the field.

Fighting and unnecessary hits make an already-dangerous game more perilous to players in the long run. Such unsportsmanlike actions have no place in the NFL. The theory here by the Ravens corner, at least presumably so, is that CTE will allow players to have an excuse whenever they make poor decisions on and off the field.

Hernandez cuts as a controversial figure in the history of the league. He was one of the best tight ends in the NFL during his stint with the New England Patriots, but his violent murders have rightly overshadowed his play. Hernandez's family believes that CTE, a disease caused by multiple head injuries, was the main cause of the crime.

This puts the NFL in a precarious situation. They know they have to protect players, but limiting physicality will have a negative effect on the quality of football being played in the league. Finding a balance between physicality and safety will be a continuous talking point in the league.