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Matthew Judon reacts to extension snub with epic SpongeBob tweet

Ravens, Matthew Judon

As the deadline passed on Wednesday, a lot of NFL teams chose to simply stick with their franchise tag contracts, leaving a lot of players disappointed. A prime example of this was Matthew Judon, as the Baltimore Ravens decided not to offer the linebacker an extension.

Judon took to Twitter to express his feelings in a simple Spongebob GIF.

We feel you, Matthew.

After a stellar 2019 campaign that saw the 27-year-old record a career high 9.5 sacks en route to making the Pro Bowl, the Ravens opted to place their star on a franchise tag. Judon signed the tag worth $16.8 million last May, though there were hopes both sides were close to reaching an extension agreement.

However, as pensive as he might seem with his choice of GIF, Matthew Judon is trying to stay positive amid all the noise off the field. Last month, he joined a video call with Ravens reporters and explained that he’s more than okay to be playing under the franchise tag.

“I’m pleased to be tagged,” Judon said last month (per balitmoresun.com). “I feel like only a few players get to go through this in their lifetime.”

In his short career with the Ravens so far, Judon has slowly but surely proven his worth on the defensive line. The young LB has been improving year after year, not just on the field but also as a leader in the locker room.

“I want to stay here for as long as I play, but I understand that it’s a business and that they’ve kind of got a ‘bad-good’ problem to have,” Judon furthered in his interview last month. “We have a lot of young talent, and unfortunately, we can’t all stay on the rookie deal our whole careers. So, they have stuff that they have to address, and obviously, I have needs as well.”