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Ravens owner Steve Bisciotti calls Gerald McCoy ‘a bit of a game-wrecker’

Gerald McCoy, Ravens, Steve Bisciotti

Gerald McCoy left the Baltimore Ravens facility without a deal, but owner Steve Biscotti is hopeful the “game-wrecker” is still interested in joining their squad. McCoy spent the part of two days at the team’s facility, and while the visit reportedly went well, he still didn’t sign a deal.

Biscotti hopes after some thought and talk with his wife and family he decides the Ravens is the place for him.

“I hope McCoy wants us,” Ravens owner Steve Bisciotti told season ticket holders on a conference call Wednesday, via Pro Football Talk. “I hope he goes home and tells his wife that he needs to play for the Ravens. I think he can do some damage in the backfield.”

The Ravens know how important it is to have a game-changing defensive tackle and if McCoy ends up with the Ravens that’s exactly what he will be for the squad. Biscotti thinks that McCoy is a game changer and he would be the perfect present for the inside of their defensive line.

“Do I think that he’s a need? I think that everybody out there has seen what he can do,” Bisciotti said, via Pro Football Talk. “I think he’s a bit of a game-wrecker, and in this day and age, you need that kind of presence on the inside.”

At first, it seemed like McCoy might make his decision quickly, but now it appears he is taking his time with the decision so this could drag on another couple of weeks or even another month or two.