Ravens video: Teammates react to Lamar Jackson's insane juke move vs. 49ers
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Video: Ravens’ teammates react to Lamar Jackson’s insane juke move vs. 49ers

Lamar Jackson

The Baltimore Ravens were able to defeat the San Francisco 49ers on Sunday but it was one play by Lamar Jackson that stood out among the rest. After the game, teammates reacted to Jackson’s insane juke move versus the 49ers.

The play began with Jackson taking a typical snap in the backfield while he was in the pistol formation. But after he took the snap, he performed a move that was far from typical for any player in the NFL.

Jackson appeared to be making his way up the field before a defender began closing in on him. To gain some yards on the play, Jackson figuratively broke the defender’s ankles as he quickly cut to the sideline.

For most fans, that play was unbelievable to witness on live television. While fans are in awe of every play that Jackson makes, Mark Ingram and Jackson’s other teammates are accustomed to his jaw-dropping maneuvers.

With the Ravens’ win on Sunday, Baltimore has now won eight games in a row this season. As a matter of fact, the Ravens are amid their longest winning streak in franchise history.

Above all, Jackson continues to make plays that solidify his case as the NFL’s MVP. Following Sunday’s game, Jackson now has 2,532 passing yards, 25 passing touchdowns, and five interceptions.

In addition, Baltimore’s franchise signal-caller has also gashed opposing defenses for 977 yards and seven touchdowns with his legs. While his teammates are numb to his playmaking ability, it will never get old watching Jackson play the quarterback position.