The Consumer Electronic Show 2021 (CES 2021) is where you will find the newest from tech companies. Usually, they reveal the next-generation of microchips, motherboards, and other gadgets. For Razer, they used their spot to unveil their RGB ‘Smart Mask' called “Project Hazel”.

Project Hazel is “The World's Smartest Mask”

Billed as “The World's Smartest Mask“, Project Hazel differentiates itself from your regular mask because of its very gamer-like functions. For one, it makes use of the Razer Chroma lighting, allowing its user to customize the mask's RGB lighting around its respirators.

Razer also claims that the mask helps people in communicating with each other. Its clear surface allows people to see through it, making it easier to see facial expressions important for non-verbal communication. It even lights up when the wearer is in the dark with an automatic light regulator. In addition to this, the mask is also contoured to allow the wearer to speak more naturally. Finally, Project Hazel is equipped with a voice amplification technology, ensuring that any sound you make with your mouth won't be muffled.

Facing the new normal with a fashionable gamer mask

Project Hazel, at its core, is a surgical N95 respirator. Razer claims that the respirator in the ‘Smart Mask' has high fluid resistance and can filter up to 95% of air particles. N95 masks are effective in protecting the wearer from airborne viruses and bacteria thanks to this filtration system. However, the presence of valves prevent the mask from preventing the wearer from spreading his or her own viruses. When worn out, the filters can easily be replaced with new ones.

In terms of hygiene, Razer made sure that their ‘Smart Mask' will be able to stay clean all the time. It's made of a clear, recycled waterproof plastic that is both scratch and stain resistant. In terms of breathability, the mask is equipped with a rechargeable ventilator. It also comes with a special charging case lined with a UV light interior, designed to kill any bacteria and viruses as the mask charges.

With this take on face masks, Razer hopes to help people transition to the new normal in style. Project Hazel currently doesn't have a release date nor a suggested retail price.

Razer's take on the gaming chair, new versions of Razer Blade 15 and Blade Pro 17

Apart from Project Hazel, Razer also unveiled more conventional products during the CES 2021 show. They unveiled new versions of their gaming laptops, Razer Blade 15 and Razer Blade Pro 17. Meanwhile, perhaps the biggest reveal for Razer's show was the ‘Project Brooklyn‘, Razer's take on the gaming chair. Project Brooklyn is a a mix of Razer's Iskur gaming chair and Raptor gaming monitor. One would easily see the similarities with the Predator Thronos, so this idea isn't exactly original. However, it's still great to finally see more of this kind of product coming to market.