Remnant 2 clearly establishes in its opening segments that Founder Ford is an important character in the game's lore. After he mysteriously disappears right in front of your eyes, you are left behind with the Ward that he established and everything within it. Along with those things that he left behind in Ward 13 is a locked chest inside his room. In this Remnant 2 guide, we explain how you can open Ford's chest in Ward 13 and what you need to do with its contents, and what you can get afterward.

Remnant 2 Guide: Opening Ford's Chest in Ward 13

Ford's Chest can be found in the same room in Ward 13 where you find him having an argument with Clementine. In this room, there is a chest that requires a four-digit key entered for it to open. Now, where can you find the password to Ford's Chest? The answer is simple but very easy to miss.

Right before he activated the World Stone, Founder Ford leads you to a derelict laboratory. Since the power in this lab is already out, he gives you a flashlight, which you can turn on and off with the L key on MKB and the up button in the D-Pad by default. Once you have the flashlight, you can inspect it in your inventory. Look at its bottom and you'll see a four-digit number. That's the password to Ford's Chest and the numbers you have to enter to open it.

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Once you've opened the chest, you'll receive another key. You should head towards the farthest back side of Ward 13 with a long path leading towards a small room, away from the entrance where you came from at the start of the game. Here, you can use the key to open the door to a storage facility, from which you'll be able to retrieve a powerful early-game hand gun: the MP60-R.

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