Despite all of the big-name players who have dropped out of the Rio Olympics this summer, Team USA will still be stacked with talent.

As he'd been hinting at all summer, Carmelo Anthony confirmed that he'll be on the American Olympic squad this summer, according to The Vertical's Adrian Wojnarowski. The prospect of winning his third gold medal, all consecutively, was too intriguing to pass up.

Additionally, Marc Stein reports that Jimmy Butler has accepted his invitation to play for Team USA as well.

Carmelo Anthony
Christian Peterson/Getty Images

Anthony will appear in his fourth Olympic games, while it will be the first appearance for Butler. It will be interesting to see the dynamic between the two wing stars given that Butler's former teammate and former MVP, Derrick Rose, was just traded to the New York Knicks to play alongside Melo.

Butler and Rose had a strong relationship; in response to the trade, Jimmy posted a heartfelt message on his Instagram account.

Even though the Americans will likely be without LeBron James as well as Stephen Curry and a number of other star players, they're still the heavy favorites as the Rio games come closer.

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