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Report: Grizzlies in hot pursuit of Chandler Parsons, aiming to keep Mike Conley as well

With NBA free agency in full swing, there are many players making big decisions. Yes, there are important players looking to sign with teams who aren’t named Kevin Durant, and yes, where they land has some amount of importance too.

One such player is Chandler Parsons, currently on the Dallas Mavericks. He is looking to get out of Dallas during the free agency session this summer. One team that’s already hooked on Parsons and would love to have him is the Memphis Grizzlies, and the best part for both sides is that they can probably pay him as much as he’s looking for.

Chandler Parsons


Not only is Parsons at the ripe age of 27 and on the verge of entering his prime – he also happens to fit the Grizzlies’ roster perfectly. Although they have a pretty well rounded team, there are more holes than not, and Parsons fits perfectly into the small forward spot. Even though the Grizzlies already have players like Matt Barnes and Lance Stephenson who they can throw into that position, Parsons gives a better talent and better presence on the floor in general. He gives the Grizzlies more talented shooting and opens up opportunities to utilize the wings more often.

In addition to going after Parsons, the Grizzlies are confident that they can maintain Mike Conley and re-sign him to a big contract.

In fact, ESPN’s Tim MacMahon reports that Conley and Parsons have had “multiple discussions about playing together in Memphis.”

However, signing both players would likely cost upwards of 20 million dollars each. Luckily for the Grizzlies, they have plenty of room to spend that kind of money.

According to sources, Parsons is looking at the Lakers, Blazers, Magic, and Grizzlies as his new teams to sign with for the 2016-2017 season. It’s likely, however, that he’ll find the best role and perhaps earn the most money as well if he signs with Memphis.

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