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Report: Nets hoping signing Kyrie Irving could lead to Kevin Durant

Kyrie Irving, Kevin Durant

There has been a lot of smoke regarding the Brooklyn Nets signing Kyrie Irving away from the Boston Celtics this summer, and the speculation only grew louder when the Nets cleared a ton of cap space with a trade involving the Atlanta Hawks. ESPN’s Adrian Wojnarowski soon confirmed all the other reporting out there stating Irving’s interest in Brooklyn, and Woj went even further by stating on Friday’s “Get Up!” that the Nets are hoping signing Irving will also mean getting Kevin Durant.

Via Dime on UPROXX:

“Brooklyn will hope that Kyrie Irving would be the Pied Piper to go recruit another star free agent, namely Kevin Durant, to join him in Brooklyn, but it takes a level of confidence three weeks out from free agency to give up two first-round picks to clear the cap space you need to have two max slots,” Wojnarowski said. “But Kyrie Irving is that target, and there is no question, I’m told, that Kyrie Irving has a serious interest in the Brooklyn Nets in free agency.”

The Nets currently have about $46 million in cap space after clearing away Allen Crabbe’s bloated salary, but they  can get in the range of two max salaries if they move on from All-Star point guard D’Angelo Russell.

Durant has long been rumored to be leaving the Golden State Warriors for the New York Knicks, with Irving coming along with him. But now, for whatever reason, a lot of the reporting is shifting in the Nets’ favor.

It’s truly impossible to say what exactly is going to happen this summer, but everybody better buckle up, because it seems like it’s going to be crazy.