Stephen Curry entered a NBA Finals news conference today with a massive ice bag covering his right shoulder.

This is obviously a concerning moment for the fans as the Warriors are just 1 game from clinching a back-to-back NBA Finals. And amidst the Draymond Green suspension fiasco, they can ill-afford another set-back on what has been a historic season.

Curry recently visited a orthopedist in the southern California region and got an MRI exam done which revealed “issues with both shoulders, as well as his knees, some of which may require surgery this summer.”

Throughout the postseason Curry has been bombarded with ankle and knee injuries that kept him out of the rotation for a majority of the first two rounds.


Curry spoke out on the floating health rumors:

“I can’t even keep a straight face for whoever said I needed shoulder surgery and all that other stuff. We’ve got bumps and bruises, but everything is going to be all right.”

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